Tally Ho!

Thursday 31 December 2015

Montrose Highlanders complete

After about a year of painting my Montrose army is now complete. Over the Christmas period I've managed to polish-off the three units of highlanders. Fortunately for me the tartans were a lot less elaborate in this period than later on.

They have a good mix of weapons so would do for anything from the ECW right through to the Jacobite rebellions

The unknown figures from Colonel Bill

Cheeky highlanders

The second unit

Just a wee dram

The completed brigade

Two of the units are Warlord Games metal figures and the third is an unknown manufacture bought from Colonel Bill for the princely sum of £10. A word of warning though - the Warlord Figures seem to come in two distinct styles, with one noticeably taller than the other, so be careful how you mix them.


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