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Saturday 19 December 2015

The Oasis - a Lion Rampant scenario

The scenario

This week we played two 24 point games. The first was a scenario based on the C S Grant book of scenarios with a few tweaks to make it suitable. For those with the book its the Ancient & Modern scenario. 
Scenario: The attackers have had a long march through the dusty desert and are in need of water. The defenders are blocking their way to the only water for miles.
Setup: The defenders must deploy 4 points at the oasis. The remainder start at the half-way line. The attackers march onto the table in column-of-march in any order they like. All units enter the centre of the east edge and  receive a free 6" move onto the table.   

Special rules:  None

Ending the game: When one side has routed from the field.

Victory:  5 points to whoever holds the oasis at the end with an unbattered unit.

The battle

The Teutonic knights advanced in column while the Arabs hung-back hoping to exploit their superiority in skirmishing to weaken the impetuous knights. A unit of doughty foot sergeants guarded the oasis

The Arab deployment

Foot sergeants guard the oasis
The Germans advance
 The Arab tactics were pretty successful as they weakened the Knights before they could come to grips with the Arab horse. Eventually they did but largely cancelled each other out.

The decisive phase was the attack of the foot Knights on the oasis itself. In Lion Rampant foot men-at-arms are incredibly tough and so they marched largely unmolested to the oasis. However the defensive qualities of the sergeants enabled them to resist the initial attacks.

The final attack
 As darkness fell the Arabs were still in position of the oasis and so claimed the victory. Given a couple more turns the foot Knights may well have swung the day for the Germans though

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