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Sunday 12 February 2023

Gettysburg - Roundtops part 1

We're moving towards the close with Gettysburg and so this week's game looks at Day 2 and the iconic locations around the Round Tops, Wheatfield and Devils Den. The Confederates are on the attack as they look to break the eastern-end of the Union lines.

Both sides deployed as per the map, with the Rebs assigning their first set of reserves to attack through the centre.

Kershaw's Division

McLaw on the flanks

Little Roundtop's defenders

Devils Den

The Wheatfield

The Rebs attacked across the line as they sought to press the Union.

Under heavy fire the Union troops holding the ridge and Devils Den decide to pull back behind the crest and await the inevitable attack. 

In the Wheatfield the Indians stormed into the Federal defences but were destroyed in the process.  

Centrally the Confederates attacked in great numbers into Devils Den and managed to clear the Union forces from the area. 

The attack on the Wheatfield was stalled though as Union troops countered the initial thrust by the Indians. 

On Little Roundtop the Rebs attacked and captured the summit before being pushed back again. 

The evening ended with 7 moves played. The Wheatfield is a little stalled, Little Roundtop is about to fall and in the centre the Rebs have made good ground but the Union reserves have arrived.


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