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Saturday 4 February 2023

Gettysburg - Culp's Hill what-if

This game is a what-if scenario. On the evening of the first day General Ewell ordered and attack on Culp’s hill to weaken the Union defence. The commander of the Stonewall Brigade mistook enemy scouts for a stronger force and so never attacked. But what if he had pushed on? There could have been an encounter battle as both sides tried to capture the vital hill on the eastern end of the Union lines.

The Confederates were the more aggressive, storming forward to occupy the hills while the Union made a more cautious advance.   


On the unwooded end the Rebs captured the heights and looked to hang on as they came under Union fire. On the wooded end the Rebs sat within the woods out of sight daring the Union to move in and risk being shot first. 

Under growing fire the Confederates pushed a unit into the backfield that caused disruption to the Union troops seeking to attack the wooded end. This delayed the attack for a few turns. 

The battle ended with the Union troops finally pushing forward. They were able to contest half of the wooded hill and captured half of the open hill. So a draw with both sides holding one of the four objectives.


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