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Wednesday 17 August 2022

15mm WWII - attack vs defence

A pretty simple game this week - a Russian attack against German defenders.  The bridge and the damaged Panzer were objectives and each counted as a bonus kill. The Germans had a Hetzer & Panther vs a T34-76, KV1s & SU-85.

The SU-85 pushed quickly into the village. drawing the Panther from the woods near the bridge. The Panther managed a single shot (a miss) before the SU-85 scuttled off for the safety of the fields. A second shot damaged the SU'-85s tracks but it still found cover.    

In the centre the KV1 and T34 cautiously advanced on the Hetzer as it sought to get a firing option by sneaking through the woods near the crippled Panzer IV. 

The SU-85 was able to get into a covered position and begin trading fire with the Panther. Its shooting proved more accurate and after a couple of rounds it brewed-up the Panther. The same fate befell the Hetzer as combined fire from the T-34 and KV also ended its battle.   

So a good win for the Russians with some lucky shooting meaning a couple of kills each for the Russians. They ended with two crews of 3 campaign kills and one crew on 1 campaign kill.

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