Tally Ho!

Saturday 27 August 2022

15mm and 28mm WWII

This week we had enough players for 3 games - two in 15mm and one in 28mm

Game 1 - Stalingrad in 28mm

In this game a Hetzer + Panzer IV battled it out with a T-34 and SU-85 in the bombed-out streets of a city. A pretty quick game this one, with the Germans winning 2 kills to 0

T-34 creeps through the rubble

Game 2 - Cross the bridge in 15mm

This scenario a little more involved - a bunker and Hezter guarded a strategic river crossing. a T-34 and a KV-1 had to try to destroy the bunker whilst also getting  at least one tank across the bridge.   

The Bunker

The Russians made a cagey start as they tried to eliminate the Hetzer whilst avoiding the bunker's 75mm gun.

Once the Hetzer had been dispatched, the KV-1 was able to sneak around the bunker and nip across the bridge. The loss of the T-34 made this a 2-1 win for the Russians. 

Game 3 - Learning the ropes in 15mm

The final game was a tutorial game for two players new to WAT, with a couple of tanks a side.

Both players proved aggressive but fairly poor shots. After a couple of hours play the Panzer IV was destroyed and the remaining Hetzer made a run for it . So 1-0 to the Russians

Boo !

Overall Standings

Paul 1 = 3 kills
Stu 1 = 3 kills
Paul 2 = 2 kills
Roy 1 = 2 kills
Richard 1 = 2 kills
Nigel 1 = 1 kill
John C = 0 kills
Adam = 0 kills


  1. making a Stalingrad > Deadzone mod has been on my 'things to do' list for a fair while, at some point it may make it onto my 'things I'm doing list'. I think it could make a quick a fun infantry skirmish game.

    1. I have plenty of Russians but no Germans, so there is a project for you ;-). The Perry Africa Korps would work as mountain troops, warlord do lots of Germans and Wargames Atlantic Panzer Lehr would be different.