Tally Ho!

Monday 30 May 2022

The Blue and the Grey


Those with long memories might recall this 1980's TV mini series about the ACW - that's my lose link into the fact I'm painting some ACW Union units for a campaign later in the year. 

ACW Union infantry in 28mm

Figures are Perry Miniatures 28mm plastics - the newer sets are more dynamic than the older ones but at the cost of the dreaded two-arms-on-a-weapon that you need to align. 

ACW Union officer in 28mm

The game is mass-skirmish so about 50 figures a side for 2 players.


  1. Looking good. The round bases suggest that forming up in ranks isn't part of the rules ?

    1. Yeap there is no close order for most troops in this game as its aimed at wars in the fairly dense terrain of the US