Tally Ho!

Sunday 8 May 2022

28mm Sudan - the project is done !

After over a year of painting my lock-down 3 project is finally done with the completion of the final two units for the Sudan - some Ansar and a Beja command stand. 


We'll be playing The Men Who Would Be Kings and plan to start in early June. I've done enough for 2 players a side to pit the Mahdists vs British / Egyptians.  The campaign will feature postings to the Sudan or NWF to accommodate all 9 players available. 

Beja command

As always done is never done so I might add some Camel Corps in the future, which means more Mahdists, which are quick to paint so its not too much of a pain.


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  1. Well done, I'm sure some camels would set the forces off nicely :-)