Tally Ho!

Saturday 22 May 2021

In person, In doors - 28mm Napoleonics

For our first in-person game in doors we returned to the ever popular Napoleonic's using Marshalls & Muskets from Ian over at Hinton Hunt Vintage Wargame Figures

The scenario had the Russians standing as rear guard for a fleeing German force whilst the French attacked in the hopes of breaking through to ravage the routers.

The Russians on the defensive

French attackers

The routing Germans

The Russians deployed in a good position with hills and woods providing some defence against the more numerous attackers.  

The French attacked strongly on their right with probing assaults on the left. Initially the main attack proceed slowly whilst the probe met with good success as they forced the Russians into square and were able to gradually able to push them back.  

French Lancers take to the field for the first time

The main assault was able to eventually able to get going again once the pesky Russian cuirassiers has been routed. 

 A hard one to score - the French broke through after a couple of hours play but the aim was to delay this as long as possible. So lets say a draw in our first proper game for 9 months.  


  1. Good looking game - well done the Russians!

  2. Did the Lancers win on their first outing?