Tally Ho!

Monday 3 May 2021

In person gaming returns

With the restrictions in lockdowns its now possible to meet outside in private gardens as long as you maintain social distancing. This weekend we managed to meet for our first physical game in about 7 months - aided by a dry'ish weekend. It was chilly but its nice to roll the dice again "for real"

We opted for a game of What A Tanker as its pretty easy to set up and also can be easily packed-up should the rain come. In this match-up we had 3 Sherman and an M10 vs 2 Panthers.

The M10 bravely rushed for a hill on the left side and somehow managed to survive the whole game despite being the main target for the Panthers. 

This did allow the a couple of the Sherman's to get into good flanking position and blast away at the Germans to good effect.

 As a bonus a quick video of the end results - one Panther destroyed and one badly damaged for very little Allied damage.


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  1. Good to see some games going on again, even if you did need gloves!