Tally Ho!

Friday 28 August 2020

What a tanker week 4

Always keen to recreate the classics, this week we broke-out the Tiger I. We matched it with 2 * M4 Sherman's and 2 * M18 Hellcat's. The battle was over a river crossing with a couple of burnt-out tanks as additional objectives.

The Tiger adopted a fairly defensive posture, scuttling back-and-forth as the US tanks tried to out flank them.   

The US tanks struggled with the heavy armour of the Tiger but we found that due to its slowness they were able to constantly manoeuvre to a position where the beast struggled to get into a firing position. The game ended with 3 dead US tanks and a Tiger reduced to 4 command dice. With the US capturing an objective it was 3-1 to the Germans.    


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