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Monday 10 August 2020

What a tanker - week 2

For this week's games we had two tables so we could maintain distancing; Germans verses Russians and Germans vs British. Both tables were rolling fields with plenty of hedge lines.

Table 1 had a Panzer IV + Hetzer vs a Firefly + Cromwell. The central objective was a British MP's roadblock.  

Guard post - scratch built with Peter Pig figures

Table 2 saw a Panzer IV + Stug H42 vs a T34 + KV1. The objective was a burnt-out Panzer IV

On table 2 both sides found  cover early and started taking pit-shots from long-range. The Panzer IV died early but two spectacular shots, combined with some average Russian saving, saw the StuG take out the Russians. 2-1 to the Germans.

On table 1 the British advanced bodly in their first outing, while the Germans snuck the Panzer IV around a large to get a flank attack on the Firefly and destroy it. 1-0 to the Germans.

The later war tanks are proving more deadly than the early ones, due to the numbers of dice rolled. It takes 3 unsaved hits to destroy a tank outright. That's tough when early tanks are typically only rolling 4 attack dice, but its easier with the 6 - 9 found in late war tanks.  


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