Tally Ho!

Friday 17 April 2020

Push on through

My latest game is once again King of War and its one of my favourite scenarios - Push. Each side has 3 loot tokens and there is a central one. You score 2 point for each you hold in the enemy half and one for each in your half. So lots of options for strategies.

My orignal plan was to contest the central token with my most powerful units (Knights and Ogres) whilst forming a bubble with the Paladins who would try to get the unit carrying all three tokens up the table. The Undead spread theirs across the line.   

Sisterhood scouts hold the woods

The Undead army featured a large unit (horde) of elite revenant heavy cavalry. This is unwieldy but very hard to stop. Luckily it was only carrying one loot token. Deploying last I spotted one flank was largely open and so placed by loot token carrier there where it could move up unmolested. The Paladins would instead try to delay the enemy horsemen.    

Undead cavalry enmass

The action in the heavily contested centre was fast and bloody. My cavalry were able to get several flank charges and clear the left of the board where my loot carrier was advancing. Centrally though I was subjected to several waves of attacks that killed my Ogres.

Mhorgoth-the-unspellable in his first outing

About 4 turns in I was holding up the Undead in the centre and had been able to slowdown the cavalry advance on my right. At this point my loot carrier arrived in a safe spot on the enemies side giving me 6 points. A couple of dreaded double-1s cost the Undead horse a couple of moves as my Sisterhood Scouts clung-on in the woods longer than they should have.

6-points TVM !

By the end of the game losses were heavier for me than the Undead but I was 8-5 ahead. This was a scenario where the plan really matters and in hindsight the Undead should have placed all the loot with the large cavalry unit to score 6 points and contest the centre with their other units.


  1. It's lucky you have the 'boy' to play against, means you can keep playing and obey the rules! Almost makes me wish I had someone else in the house so I could get them to play.

  2. Follow Tom Hanks and get a basket ball? Are the solo supplements any good for Deadzone etc? We might try to set up a camera in the wargames room and see if you can join-in remotely somehow, maybe for a grid-based game of some sort