Tally Ho!

Saturday 11 April 2020

Mhorgoth-the-mispelt isd at it again

Having won two if the last 3 games Mhorgoth is on a bit of a roll. So he attacked Basilean territory again in the Loot scenario. There are three Loot counters which you must capture and hold. They can be moved but the units holding them are slowed to 5" and lose any movement enhancing rules.

The Undead opted for their customary tough centre of Mummies, Vampires, and Revenant skeletons. Their left featured Werewolves and Vampire cavalry backed by more skeletons. I'm think this is a hammer horror army.....  

I deployed with a mobile flank of Knights and Elohi angelic troops supported by a mounted Priest to keep them healed-up. Centrally Paladin foot and Ogre palace guards formed the line. Way on my right was an Ur Elohi angelic hero who would seek to turn the enemy flank.      

I'm ronery, so ronery

My plans was a pretty simple one. I would push up with my line troops whilst three of my heroes would try to grab all the loot tokens and then escape for the rest of the battle. As the Undead have lots if slow Shambling units they might then struggle to catch me.  

Turns 1 and 2 saw a fierce battle on my left as the Knights clashed with the Werewolves. Loses were pretty even but it gave time for General Gnaeus to grab a Loot token and begin to make his way bravely to the rear.  

In the centre the Ogres managed to push through the woods and allow another hero (Samacris) to also grab a token. Simultaneously the sisterhood battle-nuns charged the dangerous Vampire infantry, pinning the Undead 's centre in place.

The central battle was a bit of a grind but some good rolls meant the Basileans were able to destroy the Vampires before they did much damage to my lines. The Ur Elohi eschewed a tempting flank charge in order to grab an objective.  

The game ended with all three Loot tokens in the hands of Basilean heroes and a solid 3-0 win for the forces of light. The army choice made a big difference here with the Basileans fast heroes a large factor in their victory as they could grab 2 loot tokens by the end of turn 2.  

This left the position as before - Mhorgoth in control of two territories.



  1. Fast loot carry heroes are great choices for this sort of scenario, the Lykanis is very handy for the Undead at grabbing and holding tokens.

  2. He certainly is. This is one where understanding the scenario (and having been done that way by the herd) is a help