Tally Ho!

Thursday 11 April 2019

The Great Game - a little dry run

As we've only played The Men Who Would be King a few times we opted for a practise game to refresh the rules and see how it played with armies about 50% larger than standard (36 points).

The set-up was very simple with both sides striving to capture small compound and a heavily loaded pack camel. The British fielded 4 x Regular Inf, 1 x Regular Cav and a well-drilled field gun. The Burphas had 3 x Irregular Inf, 4 x Tribal Inf, 2 x Tribal Cav and a well-drilled field gun.

The British advanced cautiously onto the table looking to exploit their superior firepower. The Burphas advanced aggressively, seeking to close with the enemy and exploit their superior numbers.  
British enter the field


A cavalry melee developed on the Burpha right, which lasted for much of the game as they were pretty evenly matched and the morale proved to be high.

British form close order

The Burpha horse managed to flank the British position, forcing them into close order. A few quick volleys sent the Bruphas scurrying back for cover though.

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In the centre the Burphas managed to grab the compound and occupy the woods next to it. This was a strong defence but attracted the full weight of the Imperial fire pushing them back out of the cover.

Burphas take the objective

In frustration the Burphas launched an attack against the British troops closest to the  compound but bounced-off the well protected infantry with bullets whistling about their ears.

Burpha bounce off

The game ended with the Burpahs holding both objectives as the British has made only limited progress onto the table. Burpha casualties were high but they ddi manage to wipe-out a unit of highlanders and badly maul the Bengal Lancers.



  1. blimey those eastern cavalry get about :-)
    looks good, nice to see lots of terrain on the table as well.

  2. If you look carefully you can see some swordsmen who have also appeared in the Crusades, K of M, and Saga. Blokes in turbans are pretty flexible