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Saturday 20 April 2019

A Tale of Two Forts - the game of two halves

This good Friday so the second outing for my Lizardmen / Salamanders in the Kings of War campaign against The Herd. Th scenario was Dominate (most unit strength within 12" of the centre) and having won the preceding Vanguard skirmish I could deploy 2 units a move forwards before the game.

Given the scenario I opted to place my key strike force in the centre (Ancients on Rinosaurs), flanked by the heavy infantry and preceded by plenty of skirmishers to soak-up the enemy charges. This meant the flanks would need to hold-on long enough for me to break through and turn outwards.    

The main battle line

Reverse view

The Herd adopted somewhat the opposite plan with stronger flanks and weaker centre hoping to turn inwards on me.

A fast right flank for the herd

The centre and left of The Herd
 I advanced smartly and largely got the better of the skirmishing with my troops pushing back The Herd and setting-up most of the charges I was looking for the centre.

Skirmishers clash in the centre

 I was also able to bog-down the nasty Stampede, but only for a turn rather than the two I hoped for.

Charge - pork is on the menu tonight 

The main challenge was on my left where the flying units found themselves out matched by several tougher flying units. Use of Critters Call denied a rounds shooting from the Skyaiders by disordering them.

About 3 moves in I got most of my central charges in but things began to unravel a little with a run of very bad dice. Rather than cutting through his Tribal Walker horde holding the centre in a couple of turns, a double 1 meant they held on for 3 against my Ancients. The same unit then had a nice charge set-up that would take it through 2 heroes and into the flank of his heavy infantry - this was again denied by a double 1 on the second hero.  

The main assault goes in

The Ancients ended turn 6 fighting back-to-back Glosters-style. I occupied the centre but not in enough strength to win the game. Some mistakes were made but the two double 1's really cost me the chance to possibly win it. I also need to review the deployments as I had one very weak flank that could nt really hold long enough.    

Back to back

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