Tally Ho!

Saturday 23 March 2019

Lizardman / Aztec Temples

I've finally gotten around to starting some terrain for my Kings of War Lizardman/Salamander army. I already have some generic jungle bushes / trees so have gone for a couple of temples to be impassable terrain or something to fight over in Vanguard skirmishes.

Construction follows my usual method of a 5mm foamcore base painted in a acrylic/sand mix for texture. The various detail bits are leftover standards from Games Workshop lizardmen kits.

The second temple is a little more colourful with the addition of a cardboard band around the shelter.

Next-up I may try some of the distinctive walls often seen in Aztec cities or perhaps something swampy.


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  1. Thoe look really good, look forward to seeing them in the flesh, and then killing boys on/near them :-)