Tally Ho!

Sunday 13 January 2019

KOW Vanguard - last reinforcements

Its nice to see the end of painting project so you can start focusing on the next. This week I've managed to complete the final set of units for my Kings of War Vanguard.

Just one unit for the Abyssal Forces - a Hellhound. Mantic don't produce a model for this so I've been donated a metal figure on unknown origins.

Next up a Skink Priest for my Salamander army and also to provide a dismounted Wizard for a future Vanguard force. He's a Games Workshop figure and my favourite of the group.

Finally some figures that can do double / triple duty. The models are Games Workshop Sequistors - presumably some sort of celestial bailiffs.... These first two would work well as Paladin Defenders or even Ogre Palace Guards as they are larger than Mantic Basileans.

This chap is the least heavily armed and will serve as a Basilean War Wizard, albeit one who has some Ogre blood to explain his stature.


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  1. The dog is made by Privateer Press from their Hordes range, is he on a 25mm*50mm cav base ?
    I'd be tempted to use the Skink priest as your Vanguard war wizard, just say he is a local advisor.