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Tuesday 8 January 2019

Battle of the 6 Generals - 28mm Napoleonics

Diaries meant that this Christmas game actually happened in early January. This at least meant most if the mince pies and turkey has been cleared away. We went for a simple set-up inspired by the Battle of the 4 generals over at Hinton Hunt.

The setup was very simple - each side began with 2 infantry and 1 cavalry divisions. There were three objectives to capture; a central farm complex, a prominent hill and a cross roads. The forces were a polyglot lot with French / Danish (the French) squaring off against Russians, Austrians, and Germans (the Allies).

Long view from the French left

View from the French right

Half the Allied horse

Russians and Germans

Austrians ready to go

French forces opposite the Austrians

Danes ready to attack the farm

Allied horse

Both sides advanced rapidly at the start of the game. The Austrians on the Allied right were the most cautious, lurking behind the crest of the prominent hill in search of a counter-punch. In the centre the Russians and Danish both advanced on the farm with the green hordes establishing a small foot hold.

Russians contest the farm 
A swirling cavalry melee developed on the Allied left as both sides sought to control the crossroads. A dozen units of 28mm cavalry certainly made a stirring sight. The melee quickly swung decisively in favour of the French though and it was soon clear it was a matter of time before this flank was theirs.

Battle is joined
On the hill the French pushed forward and took a big risk by cresting the rise in the hopes of pouring decisive fire into the waiting Austrians.  Fortune, and a flanking attack that drew away some Austrians, meant the French pluck was rewarded and they were able to establish themselves on the crest. This was a position they would maintain for the rest of the game.  

French take the hill

The hill is secure 
Centrally the Russians / Germans were able to exert pressure on the Danish and reduce their presence in the farm to a single battalion.  Although formally still contested it was clear the Russians likely had the strength to clear the farm.

Danes hanging-on in the farm

So the game ended 2-1 to the French after several hours of fierce fighting. The pictures don't quite capture but there certainly is something about seeing 50+ large units of 28mm slugging it out.

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  1. Nice looking game proving that six generals are better than four!