Tally Ho!

Monday 11 June 2018

First Crusade - Byzantine allies part duo

Just a very short update this time on some painting progress. I've now completed my Byzantine allied cavalry  for the first crusade. I can now field a couple of units of heavy cavalry and a general. I still left to complete are a few units of supporting infantry and I'm all set for some crusading action later in the year.

General and standard bearer

All figures are Gripping Beast with flags from LittleBigMan. They were good fun to paint so I may be tempted to expand on the army in time.

Heavy cavalry

Completed force
I have a few spares amongst the infantry, so will be able to base some spares for use with Saga or similar games.  


  1. Gripping Beast do nice models the only issue for me is the cost, perhaps Fireforge will do some more plastic Byzantines in the future.

  2. I think plastic will be the way to go for the infantry TBH. I might still do a few more cavalry unless I get distracted into something else