Tally Ho!

Tuesday 19 June 2018

ACW camapign - week 2

Week 2 of our Longstreet campaign featured an encounter game - a classic ACW battle, especially if it involves fighting over shoes....

Both sides deployed in one corner to the table, with the simple aim of destroying the enemy forces and pushing them back. The respective plans were heavily influenced by the outcome of the campaign reinforcements from the last battle.  The Confederates were strong in infantry and so opted for an attack on their left, hooking around a wood while holding their right with cavalry and the remaining infantry. The Union being stronger in artillery and opted for a defensive posture with some optional digging-in.

Rebs ready to move out on the flanking attack

The field from the Union deployment zone

Union ready to shake-out
The Rebs began with a rapid advance on the left moving quickly to establish an artillery position on the hill  and pressing forward in columns. Mean while the Union deployed to meet this threat and to manoeuvre so as to be able to able to bring flanking fire on the attacking Confederates.

The hill falls to the Rebs

The Blues establish a position
Sneaky use of cards enabled the Union to plonk a patch of stony ground in front of the Rebs in the hopes of slowing them down or channelling the attack. This gave them time to establish their blocking force in strong position and deploy a cavalry skirmish-line to further inhibit the Rebs.    

Where did that come from?

Union position develops

NY cavalry forms a screen for the main line
The Rebs pressed forward, but fearful of being flanked diverted one of the attacking regiments into a more central position. Shaking into line they came under effective fire from the dismounted cavalry but were unable to inflict much damage in return.
Reb columns attack

A firefight breaks out
Over on the Union left they saw that they were not heavily opposed, so feeling the attack was well covered they advanced on the dismounted confederate cavalry in the hopes of damaging them.

Union attack develops

Blocking force looks well set

We then entered what proved to be a decisive turn for the battle. After some light Confederate shooting the Union unleashed a fire-storm of musket and artillery fire, assisted by some powerful shooting cards and good rolling.

This turn left the Rebs cavalry all but destroyed, an artillery piece ruined and two confederate regiments at 50% losses. A truly devastating onslaught that pushed the Rebs beyond their breakpoint and left the Union the winners.  

The survivors of the Texas cavalry

Confederate attack stalls
The reinforcement phase was somewhat the obverse of last time, with the Union receiving plentiful infantry and the Rebs receiving artillery.  What did not change was that Union losses from the pox again outstripped battlefield losses.



  1. This looks like fun, perhaps we can try a game in Bristol some time.

  2. Could do - I'll need all the cards etc

  3. Just knew the defence has an advantage here!
    Artillery, if you get the dice, is really useful. Perhaps the distribution of forces will help them nextvweek?

  4. Artillery numbers are equal now but I think the Union tends to get better cards to denote their superiority on the supply front.