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Saturday 30 December 2017

Christmas game - Marlburian battle

As has become traditional we once gain dusted-off the Marlburian / GNW / WSS figures for our Christmas game. Again we used Beneath the Lilly Banners (version 1) for the battle - version 2 has been out for some time but we're holding-on for version 3 to be released in 2018.

The scenario was loosely based on Blenheim with a combined Anglo-Dutch army deployed in the north against a larger Danish / Swedish army to the south, with a series of fortified villages along their line. 

View from the village on the Danish far right flank - my command for the day

Long shot from then Danish left flanks

The Danish centre

Reserve angle of the Danish centre with the Anglo-Dutch in the distance

Close-up of a British line regiment 

British gun with cavalry support to the rear
The Anglo-Dutch were significantly stronger on their right flank but outnumbered along the rest of the line, so decided to launch their main attack on the right. The Danes largely stood on the defensive hoping the villages would do their work and satisfied themselves with a series of spoiling attacks from their horse.      
Danish Horse stood too on the left

The British cavalry on their own left

My command holds a small village on the right flank.

A British regiment opposite me - they would prove a thorn in the side of the Danish cavalry 
On the Danish right the early moves saw good success - several British cavalry units were routed and some deadly fire slowed-down their infantry attacks.
Danish / Swedish horse make progress

The British attack on the left stalls.
On the Danish left though the opposite was true with the Anglo-Dutch winning the early cavalry combats and threatening to overwhelm the Danish defenders. On this flank the Danish were forced into a series of defensive operations designed to stabilise the position and allow the right time to win the game.

Danish left under pressure
Bloody cavalry melee on the Danish left
The Danish still retain a decent sized force uncommitted.

British horse charges a Swedish regiment- they went to to break them later.
The flank is stablised

Over on the Danish there was an attempt to force the issue with a steady advance but this was disrupted by several British cavalry charges which took time to contain and defeat.  

Opposing cavalry charge to contact 

British at bay on their own left 

My Swedes open-up on the advancing British 

The British centre
So the game ended a draw with both sides strong on their own right, but not having been able to force the issue and turn the advantage into a winning position.

As always with BLB V1 several quirks in the rules dominated the early part of the day as we learnt them again - firing/ melee/morale are all handled completely differently for the three arms and this takes some adjustment. Cavalry combat also tends to bloody and fairly random unless you can gain an advantage through preparatory fire. This has inspired me to commit to another Marshals and Muskets variant - this time for Marlburians.

So for some eye-candy to enjoy.....    

Danish regiment stood-too

Danish horse

British line advances

Swedes are ready to get stuck-in

Danish commander ponders his next move

His British counter-part


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