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Sunday 19 February 2017

Ancients reinforcements

With our move into Armati inevitably some of my units are the wrong size, so a few reinforcements are required to make the units up to strength.

Firstly a further unit of light infantry skirmishers - they are pretty generic but I envisage them mostly as Roman or Greek. Figures are Victrix Greeks. Armati seems to need quite a few light units so I may have to paint a few more.
Light infantry skirmishers

Next a few Punic cavalry command to enable me to field a second unit. Figures are from 1st Corps with some recycled Warlord Greek shield transfers. 

Punic heavy cavalry
Finally some Roman cavalry, in this case Early Imperial auxiliary cavalry. Again these are 1st Corps with Warlord transfers from the auxiliary infantry set.  They are slightly larger that the Warlord ones I have but it should nt be noticeable with Armati unit basing 
Early Imperial Roman cavalry

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