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Saturday 26 November 2016

Chain of Command Eastern Front Campaign - Week 8

Following last week's successful defence the Russians had the opportunity to launch a counter-attack in an attempt to drive-back the Axis forces and restore their front-lines. We played this battle as the Attack vs Defence scenario in fairly dense farm-land. We also made a tweak to the lists and rated the Germans as Regular vs Veteran. The Finns remained as Veterans.  

The battlefield from the Russian right flank

And from the Russian left
Both sides selected infantry-heavy forces with the Russians also deploying a Scout Squad for the first time - there are Veteran troops who can move rapidly but still remain in cover due to their national characteristics bonus. They soon made their presence felt by capturing a German jump-off point in the very first turn that had been deployed too close to a Russian one. Ouch!

The Russians plan was a simple one - deploy a small holding force opposite the well defended church and load their right flank where they would make a typically Russian massed infantry attack. This began well as they badly mauled a German infantry section advancing through a wood and also a second section deployed to protect the churches flank.

Russians deploy in force on their right flank
In the centre the Russian scouts advanced cautiously against the Finns who were well dig-in around the church. This was a strong defensive position and the Russians made very little impression on the Finns.   

Russian scouts move through the corn

The confident Finns are well set 

On the Russian right the Germans were suffering badly, having lost 2 infantry sections routed and a third pinned-down by heavy fire. Under cover of  a maxim MMG and 2 infantry sections, the Russians were able to advance through the woods and threaten the left flank of the church. 
Russians sir, thousands of um

Feeling pretty secure in their trenches the Finns tried to launch a limited counter-attack by advancing against the Russian left flank through the corn-fields. The advance was cautious though and did not have the hoped-for effect of drawing-off some of the Russian reserves.  

Finns move to the flank 

Russian scouts keeping an eye on things
With the Germans close to routing their last section was deployed into the church with the Finns moving to cover the flank in their place. However this was not enough to prevent the Russians from capturing a second Jump-off Point, which was enough to end the game. 

Finns lining the trenches

Russians overrun a second Jump-off Point
So a rare win for the Russians and their first on the offensive. Rating the Germans as regular certainly made it a closer game even though this meant the Russians got less support options.  In this game the Patrol Phase was certainly key with the Axis loss of a Jump-off Point in the first turn really putting them on the back foot. 

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