Tally Ho!

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Punic Libyan Spearmen - 28mm Victrix

Thanks to the long bank holiday weekend I've completed my second unit of Carthaginian heavy infantry. As with the first unit they are 28mm plastics from the Victrix Warriors of Carthage box set.

These are the Libyan spearmen in hoplite-style equipment of spear, linen armour, and hoplon shield.

The rather splendid shield transfers are from Victrix, although its the same chap who does LittleBigMan Studios range of transfers.   

The whole unit

Close-up of the command stand

Nice shields

Next up are the Libyan light infantry who are all tattoos and funky hair.


  1. Very smart - when will we see the elephants?

  2. I did the elephants a while ago - I'll post some pictures up