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Sunday 17 April 2016

Kit-bashing Ancients

The Archers

I found myself short of a few units for my Dacians so decide to indulge in what the trendy kids called "kit-bashing" to make up a unit of formed archers.
Dacian Archers
The body of the archers was from Wargames Factory's Numidian light infantry, the sleeved arms from Gripping Beast's Arabs, and the heads from Warlord Games' Celts. So all the main plastic manufactures covered!
I did want to take time to praise the Wargames Factory Numidian infantry set - surely most versatile plastic set on the market. Sadly they are not currently unavailable following the deal with Warlord Games to begin marketing the range. Hopefully its just a temporary absence as they are slowly repackaging and re-releasing the ranges.

I was lucky enough to buy 3 boxes before they went off sale. For the princely sum of £14 you got 28 fairly generic figures in tunics and a whole host of weapons - spears, javelins, bows, slings, and swords. Plus a clutch of shields and Punic standards.

The figures were fairly basic modelling-wise but were amazingly versatile.  I've used them for Numidian Archers, Numidian Javelinmen, and Balearic Slingers.

The Dacian / Celtic archers were fairly simple to assemble. I plumped for the Arab archer arms as I wanted a sleeved look rather than bare-armed. The only slight tweak was that Wargames Factory heads have necks and Warlord Games holes. So I knocked-up some necks from sprue and hey-presto.  



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