Tally Ho!

Sunday 10 April 2016

Fresh from the painting table - Punic Cavalry and Hannibal

I'm nearing the end of my long journey to raise both Roman and Carthaginian forces to refight the Punic wars in 28mm. The latest from the painting table is a unit of Punic heavy cavalry, a Numidian prince and Hannibal himself.

Punic heavy cavalry

Numidian prince

Hannibal Barcas

Front view of Hannibal

All the models are from First Corps, purchased back before Christmas at the Warfare show in Reading. The only slight issue I had was that half the shields had an off concave centre to them. Looking on their website this might be deliberate as many seem to feature this, rather than a moulding fault. It would however have made it impossible to use the transfers I bought, so I filled in the dimples with milliput.

Now all I need to do is some Carthaginian heavy infantry and they are ready to take the field.


  1. Very nice! I have a few Carthaginians myself (Gripping Beast) another of those half finished projects. What rules will you be using?

  2. I've been searching for a good set for ages. Roy shown us Armati and we've also looked at Sword & Spear. Currently I'm thinking a tweaked version of Crusader to make them suitable for multiplayer games.

    Still got to get those Punic foot painted first