Tally Ho!

Saturday 28 November 2015

Waterloo weekend

This weekend Roy hosted the last of a series of Waterloo games in 20mm. A full report will follow on http://hintonhunt.blogspot.co.uk/

This time I played Wellington, my first time on the British side in all our various games. I wanted  to pay tribute to the Unit of the Week - the British rocket battery.

They may be unassuming but they accounted for 2 artillery batteries, 2 cavalry regiments, and an infantry battalion. I'm pleased to say most of the casualties were even French, with only a single battery on the British side falling victim to them !

Heroes of the day
There was some suspicion amongst the French that perhaps the British had some help from a friend with access to improved technology such was there devastating effect

British rockets prove oddly effective


  1. Yes, we will be addressing this issue in rule version 5.4!

  2. Two thoughts
    1. Limited number of shots, although that does reduce the fun factor
    2. As well as left an right arc misses how about over and under shots. You could express the hits as units not degrees. e.g
    1 = undershoot 1 units worth of space, 2= overshoot, 3 =left , 4 = right, 5,6 on target. For a town you are likely to hit for a unit no so much.