Tally Ho!

Sunday 15 November 2015

Montrose Irish completed

After a short break to paint Le Haye Sainte I'm managed to complete the final regiment for my Montrose Irish Brigade. So I now have a core force of three regiments for my Scottish royalist army. 
Montrose Irish

The flag in close-up
The final part of the force to complete is the three regiments of highlanders. So that's about 40 odd tartan-clad nutters to do.  I have a cunning plan though as I've just bought some new (stronger) glasses. I will paint them with the new glasses but look at them with the old ones! 


  1. Very nice - I think you can safely dispose of the old glasses now! What rules are you using for thei period?

  2. In our previous campaign we used a version of Victory Without Quarter which I modified to remove the activation cards so it worked better with multiple players per side.

    For the Montrose campaign I have planned we're going to try Parliament, King and Glory.