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Saturday 10 February 2024

To the shore: the ride of 21st Panzer

We had a number of absences this week due to work, sickness and family duties. So rather than just play one of the campaign games we decided to try out the 21st Panzer Division against the Para's. The 21st Panzer was unique in being the only fully armoured German unit in the vicinity of the landings. It was though equipped with a hotchpotch of converted French armour, mostly well armed but lightly protected.

The British defence was centred on a small village, with a Sherman platoon covering the second objective.  

21st Panzer massed most of its armoured units in the west of the table looking to outflank the Para's. They deployed most of their infantry opposite the British in the hopes of pinning them down. 

In the early turns the Germans manoeuvred their armour around the British flank and deployed infantry into a central wood. With the Brits holding fire the Germans reduced the village to rubble while the Panzers heavily mauled some infantry opposite them. Things looked good for the Germans at this point.   

Mid-game the German artillery grew less and less effective with only limited impact on the British AT capability. A really good 2 turns of shooting suddenly took out 50% of the Panzers flanking forces for no losses.

So the Para's went from losing badly to a winning position in 2 turns! a fun game and 21st Panzer certainly looks lovely with its wide variety of vehicles.  


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