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Tuesday 16 January 2024

D Day - beach assault practice


For the second of our "play as the enemy" games  we did the D Day landings themselves, with two beaches - one modelled on Sword and one on Utah. We simplified the games by reducing the force sizes slightly and not doing some of the pre-game moves. 

Sword Beach

The British forces relied on a decent number of "Funnies" and other armoured vehicles to help them cross the beach and assault the defenders. This was backed by commandos and beach assault troops.  

The Brits suffered an early mishap as their flail tank was lost exiting the landing craft and some of the troops drift further left than planned. This worked for them though so they had troops facing the thinnest part of the German defences.   

The Casino

The British were able to exit the beach and make some progress in land, by-passing several of the German bunkers. 

The game ended with the British infantry still around the beach area but tanks threatening one of the beach exits.

Utah Beach

The US forces were infantry heavy but did feature 7 DD tanks to help breakdown the defences. Things started poorly though with 5 of the 7 DD tanks failing it make it to shore and one brewing-up rapidly.     

Central strongpoint

The ill-fated DD's

The US infantry became hung-up on the beach wall and taking heavy fire. They managed to cause damage to the central strong point but themselves lost much of the first and second wave.    

Rangers hit the beach

We ended with things undecided but the US probably lacking the time and forces to capture the beach exits.  


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