Tally Ho!

Sunday 14 May 2023

Leipzig Campaign - 17th October

On the first campaign day (16th October) the Coalition forces were able to make advances on all three fronts, pushing the Grand Armee back towards Leipzig. 

Staff work was a little tardy in both sides Headquarters and so the supreme commanders each issued their own orders with the French reinforcing the south and the Coalition the south and centre. This gives three battles for the turn ahead. 

The campaign rules make provision for either side failing to issue strategic orders on the deposition of the reserves each turn and so this was invoked on this occasion. 

"If either side’s high command fails to issue orders for the turn, then allocate the reinforcements randomly using a D8: 1-2 south, 3-4 centre, 5-6 north, 7-8 counterattack a random front. If you lost no battles and are therefore ineligible to counterattack, roll again."

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