Tally Ho!

Monday 2 January 2023

New year, new project

Over the Christmas break I've started painting some planes for Warlord Games Blood Red Skies. In fact its not that new a project as I bought their Battle of Midway set back when it launched in autumn 2021, but got distracted into other projects. I added a few more planes to the pile this Christmas so thought I should make a start.

I'll have 12 fighters and 12 bombers per side so it should be enough for two parallel games. I roughed-out a campaign system over the summer, so look out for a future game. 

The planes themselves are 1/200 scale resin, so a couple of inches square and do look rather nice.

First the famous zero fighter, mainstay of Japanese naval aviation throughout the whole Pacific war.

1/200 zero fighters. blood red skies

Second the F4F Wildcat, the main US naval fighter until replaced later by the F6F Hellcat

1/200 F4F Wildcat, blood red skies

The game uses a three-position base (forward, upright, and backward) to show the advantage status of the planes as an abstraction of height. I felt this did nt look very attractive so went to the additional effort of magnetising the planes so they can be inclined while the stand remains upright.   



  1. Interesting, Midway has always appealed as a campaign so I'll be interested to see how this progresses!

  2. looking good Stu, though you could have painted the pilots in as well :-)