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Sunday 13 February 2022

Shadow of the Eagles - battle of Seehausen

With the French closing in on Magdeburg from two sides, the Russians finally got into the action, forcing the French back so they would not be squeezed between them and the Prussians. 

Sensing the trap the French C-in-C ordered the division to not contest the town itself bit to withdraw behind the river and block the Allies route north. The river had three crossings so the French defended two strongly and left the third with only the cavalry covering it to delay the enemy. The game would last 12 moves with the Prussians possibly arriving from turn 5 onwards.      
Germans at the ford

French centre

French right

The Allies deployed across the line with troops challenging all three crossings but the strongest force facing the weakly guarded eastern bridge. Their initial plan seemed to be to hold back and seek to weaken the French with artillery while awaiting the Prussians arrival. They went half-and-half though and after a few turns attacked against the eastern crossing and holding back elsewhere.  

Allied horse

The Allied horse advanced to cover the  flank of the eastern assault, fording the river and attacking the waiting French. Things were pretty even but stronger French dice pushed them back. The French followed up but left a few units to slow the Russian infantry advance. 

They could not stop them taking the eastern crossing but did force them to split their attack and so reduce the troops available to attack the central bridge.   

Over in the west the German brigade on the French left decided to cross the river. Pushing aside some Cossacks they got in position to block the Prussians who were marching to join the fight.  

Prussians arrive

As we hit turn 7 the Russians had captured the eastern bridge but lacked the numbers to push into the centre. The Prussians were deploying but were somewhat blocked by the Germans. So we declared for the French.      

So a second French win. In this case the key decision was actually the strategic one not to hold the town as this avoid the Prussians appearing on the French flank. 

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