Tally Ho!

Saturday 8 January 2022

Sudan British in 28mm

A very slow grow project for me has been doing for Sudan forces for The Men Who Would be Kings rules by Osprey. I've been working it as a background task ever since Lockdown 2. Over Christmas I had a little spurt and have managed to complete about half the British.

The Mahdists have enough for a game so I've been focused on the Imperial forces. These for far stand at a Gatling Gun  

Naval Brigade Gatling gun 

Two units of infantry

British officer and sergeant

British infantry

And an officer, which looks nice but actually does not feature in the rules.

British officer

  Outstanding is another unit of infantry and a squadron of the 10th Hussars.  All figures are Perry.  


  1. Very nice - I like the officers dog too!

    1. He comes with the set and I've painted in the colours of our own pooch