Tally Ho!

Thursday 19 August 2021


 One of the changes that successive lockdowns has brought is a return to board games, but the twist being some of the players joining via video call to par take in the action. So I've just bought a new game which promises about a 100 hours play. Its an RPG called Gloomhaven which has gotten good reviews. 

So I've been busy painting the starter characters. Its not compulsory but does look better.

The Brute is a tanky chap designed to absorb enemy hits and form the front line

The Spellweaver strikes from distance using the power of the elements

The Scoundrel likes to lurk in the shadows and ambush people

Cragheart is a generalist able to melee or attack from distance 

The Tinkerer buffs his party with potions and contraptions

Finally the Mindthief can confuse their foes and assault their minds

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  1. Looks like your leave came at just the right time.