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Wednesday 16 June 2021

Thunder of hooves - renaissance campaign week 1

This first week saw the Ottomans and Imperial troops contesting part of the Ukraine, while a second Ottoman army also invaded Polish territory. 

Ottomans vs Polish

In this game both sides lined-up with their cavalry mostly on the western side of the table and a relatively smaller infantry centre. 

Polish massed cavlary

Ottoman heavies ready to receive them

Janissaries ready to advance

The main action was cavalry clash in the west which was won reasonably decisively by the Polish, but not without the loss of one of the Winged Hussar units.  

The decisive clash

The centre was pretty even but with the flank turned the Ottomans conceded defeat. 

Hadjuks in the woods

  Ottomans vs Imperials

This battle had a more classic deployment of infantry centre and roughly equal cavalry wings. The Imperial forces had a stronger infantry force and so held the advantage here. 

Imperial infantry squadrons

Ottoman main line

Fearing an artillery bombardment the Germans attacked in the centre, whilst holding back their weaker cavalry on the flanks. The Ottomans adopted entirely the opposite plan, going for a bulls-horns attack. 
The Imperial attack in the centre stalled and they found their western flank rolled-up by Ottoman horese, forcing them to concede defeat.   

Germans bounce off the Ottomans in cover

So the final result was a victory each and a small gain for the Ottomans on the campaign map.  

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  1. What a great game. The 'eastern' armies of the period are so interesting and colourful and your versions are superb!
    Regards, James