Tally Ho!

Tuesday 3 November 2020

Netherland carabiniers - 28mm

In preparation for lockdown 2.0 I've been completing a couple of units for my 28mm Waterloo collection. My plan is to play a few games with my newly acquired Programmed Scenario's book.

The first of the two cavalry I need are some Dutch Carabiners. These are depicted as the 2nd Regiment which fought as part of Trippers brigade on the day, seeing service against the French heavies after the Union Brigade has shot its bolt.

The figures are 28mm Perry French heavy cavalry. Its my third box of these over the years have previously done them as French and Prussian Cuirassiers.  

Somewhere in the postal system are some French line lancers and then I'm all ready to go with 2 cavalry brigades a side.   


  1. These look very nice - I could do with some Dutch cavalry myself!

  2. They have some pretty Hussars too. Looking at my copy of Funken they seem to be mostly French style so I'm sure that would work in 20mm