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Saturday 24 October 2020

28mm Ottoman Janissaries - the end is in sight

 I've been a bit distracted by side projects recently so progress has slowed on the renaissance front, but I've finally managed to complete the last of the Janissary units for the army. I've gone for a nice colourful red this time. The figures are Warlord Games.


This leaves just one unit of Azabs and the army is done.  We've yet to settle on a set of rules but I'm leaning towards Liber Militum: Tercio as we played a game of these earlier in the year and had a fun game. 

One of the distractions has been doing some more fantasy stuff for games during lockdown. This Earth Elemental was in my goodie bag from the Mantic Games open day way back in November 2019. Its finally made it to the top of the pile.     

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