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Tuesday 15 September 2020

20mm Prussians

 Nigel has been beavering away on his 20mm painting and has sent me the pictures below.

Some pictures of my  20mm Prussian 1806 army that I have finally got around to finishing. All Hat Industrie figures, 10 battalions of musketeers, 2 of grenadiers, 2 of fusiliers, 2 of jaeger, 3 of cuirassier, 2 of dragoons and one of hussars with 8 artillery. Not 28mm but I like them!
And a picture of repainted Airfix marching infantry with mounted colonel. These must be nearly 50 years old but I stripped the old paint and varnish off. They survived that although I have the plastic rot syndrome on other figures; they broke off at the ankles.

Pre-18912 is a nice period for fans of exotic head-gear. Hopefully the use of more modern water-based paints is kinder on the plastic than the old enamels were.  


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  1. That is an impressive size force.
    Napoleonic's do offer a nice range of hats, I'm liking the look of the new Victrix Baverians, they sport lovely hats.