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Saturday 18 January 2020

Musquets and Tomahawks

Our next campaign is going to be French & Indian Wars in mid -1700's North America. This week we had a quick practice game to remind ourselves of the game. The game is card-based but with variable numbers of cards per unit. For example light infantry (the most flexible troops) each have 3 cards allowing a single action, where as regular infantry only have 2 cards but each allows 2 actions.

For this game we played French vs British. The more elite French fielded a unit of Marines, a unit of militia, a unit of Indians and a unit of regulars. The British had regulars, lights, militia and 2 units of provincial troops.

The battle centred around attempts to capture a remote farm occupied by and America colonial (lets call her Meg) and her family who were seeking a quiet life.

American Provincials and Militia

British regulars

British Lights

French Marines

French Grenadiers

Meg looking vexed

The Provincials again

British Lights

The progressed well with the French perhaps ahead on casualties inflicted  

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  1. I believe a v2 of the rules is inbound in the near future.