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Thursday 26 September 2019

Gain Glory or Die - a Saga darkages campaign

We gathered this week on a wet and windy night for the first round of the campaign. The Welsh were unable to come, so it was Danelaw Vikings vs Dublin Vikings and Anglo-Danes vs Irish. The scenario involved grabbing some centrally placed livestock and getting them off the table for a later feast.

Irish vs Anglo-Danes

On this table the Irish pushed forward quickly and began showering the Danes with javelin fire. They were able to pin down the Danes for a few moves and quickly grab one of the precious sheep.

Anglo-Danes holding the hill

Irish on the right in this picture

After a couple of turns the Danes had lost 2 units and were under pressure from the Irish. They mounted a successful charge against the Irish Hearth Guards but lost further troops.

The game ended 32-16 to the Irish, so a solid win for them. The Danes struggled to make headway against the Irish hidden in the cover.

Vikings vs Vikings

The second table was an all Viking affair. The armies were similar but the Danelaw group fielded a unit of shield chewing berserkers. The Danelaw's moved first and rapidly grabbed all three cows using fatigue moves.

Dubliners at the bottom

It was then a foot-race, but a few sacrificial charges gave the Danelaw vital breathing space from the Dubliners. By 4 turns in it was clear that the Danelaw would be the winners as there lead was so high.

A good win for the Danelaw over their Dublin rivals. The Berserkers proved devastating but fragile, which is about right.

The Campaign 

So its 6 point a side after week 1.  

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