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Thursday 20 June 2019

KeyPoints 1813 - Battle 1 of the M&M campaign

The first game of our new campaign took place in the north of the map as both sides sought to gain control of a strategically important town (square 5)
The battlefield featured a central town with woods to the west and hills to the east. The campaign moves had led to an even battle on this occasion, with two infantry and one cavalry brigade a side.  A nice size as a couple of players were absent on other duties. 

Both sides deployed the bulk of their infantry centrally to assault the town. The French had most of their cavalry to the east of the town, whereas the Allies had most of theirs to the west.    

Both sides quickly occupied opposite ends of then town and began a firefight that would last for the majority of the game. In the west the French Cuirassiers were compelled to charge their Russian opposite numbers despite the presence of some Hanoverian hussars lurking on their flank.  

They made short work of the Russians but were themselves taken in the flank - things look bad for the French heavies.

Cavalry melee to the east of the town 

In the centre the Russians probed towards the town while the French dragoons pushed forward to engage more Russian horse.

Russians try to flank the west of the town

The west flank 

Despite being at a significant disadvantage the brave Cuirassiers beat off the Hussars and routed their second unit of Allied horse. A welcome if unexpected outcome for the French.

Around the town both sides were reluctant to risk an advance and so settled into a long-range exchange of musket and artillery fire. Within the town fire was especially intense and both sides began to see loses mount to the point where reinforcements would be needed.

Stand off to the east of the town

Freed from their pursuit, the victorious Cuirassiers rounded the Allies right flank and forced the Hanoverians into square. Lacking infantry support they could not press the advantage but they had halted the Allied attack developing in the east.

Cuirassiers flank the Allied line

As night fell the game was declared a draw with both sides holding half the town. It was a moral victory for the French though as the Allies had suffered greater losses, especially amongst their cavalry with two regiments all but wiped-out.

The stars of the show 


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