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Sunday 30 September 2018

Crete 1941 - a patrol clash

Lacking several players we decided not to begin the campaign proper with the planned German assault so that Hauptmann Koch would not be overloaded with too many troops. So instead we did a small patrol game with a platoon a side. The British began on a hill with the Germans in the valley below.

The Germans deployed immediately with their forces mostly opposite the British left and a single HMG holding their own left flank.

The more numerous British deployed on the ridge and into a farm-house of their right.

British HMG and infantry hold the ridge

The game settled into a medium range firefight as the Germans sought to exploit their better survivability. There was a brief attack by the Germans flamethrower, which was quickly destroyed by a determined bayonet charge.

They don't like it up um

As the game drew to a conclusion the German HMG was destroyed by some accurate British fire. This opened-up the flank and allowed them to quickly get behind the Germans position, capturing two jump-off points in the process.

With the Germans steadily loosing troops a British victory was declared.

What a load of flankers


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  1. I think there was a momenr
    t when the British left flank looked really vunlerable, with the machine gun and the platoon there bith pinhed.bThinking about it,there was just a window for the Germans to launch a mass assault, take the flank and rurn it. Sending the flame thrower in on his own was too little and the Brits got very lucky with the bayonet charge that finished him.bOnce the moment had passed the British numbers and some good dice luck started to whittle the Germans down.. As the German commander said, it becomes a matter of how many barrels have you got shooting.