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Saturday 28 July 2018

Mantic Greater Fire Elemental review (Kings of War)

In the post today I received a gift from my little brother, ordered from the Mantic stand at the recent Attack wargames show in Devizes. Its the Mantic Greater Fire Elemental, costing £29.99

The kit comes well wrapped as a 3 part model plus a 75mm base. Its made from a softish resin making it easy to carve and light weight. It stands about 120mm tall.

Mine had only a small amount of flash on the arm joints that was easily removed with a scalpel. Once assembled the pose is nice and there is lots of detail to get stuck into.  The only slightly odd thing is the base is too large for Kings of War (unless Clash of Kings changed it) but I have plenty of bases to hand so its not a problem.

Front shot

Rear shot

It looks a nice model and there are some very pretty examples around. As I already have an air elemental this could be the start of a nature/elemental allied force for a future army. I will repost when mine is painted but for now here is the "official" Mantic paint job.

Image result for mantic greater fire elemental

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  1. Good to see it turned up, I've washed my Chroneas today ready for assembly. You can mount monsters & heroes on oversized bases if needed under the rules and the rumor is that in KoW v3 ( when it eventually arrives ) that a new class of larger monster on 75mm squares will be introduced. That shouldn't be for quite some time though.