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Saturday 12 May 2018

Armati Pyrrhic Wars - Mount Eyrx 277BC

Following his failed attempts to block Roman expansion in Italy, Pyrrhus crossed into Sicily to support the Greeks against the Carthaginian occupiers. The Pyrrhic army was more hard-core for this game featuring a return to a mostly phalangite-based infantry force, albeit featuring reduced numbers of the elite Eiporate troops. The Carthaginians were the usual polyglot force of mercenaries from Gaul, Spain, Italy and Africa. This was not the army of Hannibal so lacks the veteran infantry and elephants.

The field was fairly open but the Carthaginians occupied a low rise that dominated the north of the battlefield. Largely their infantry was inferior to the so they deployed it on the low rise. There right was heavily loaded with cavalry, Celts and Spanish LHI. The left was refused with a small cavalry force guarding the flank.  

Punic cavalry backed by lights

Main  infantry line with Celt on the right flank

The flank guards

Pyrrhus also sought to attack on his right with the cavalry deployed there. His elephants were held in reserve, with a small infantry force guarding their left.  

Successor main force

Successor cavalry force

The flank guards
The Carthaginians pushed forward on their right with their large cavalry force. already deployed at an angle to reduce the need to wheel. Moving rapidly they engaged the Peltasts and light cavalry holding the Successor's left.      

Punic forces advance 

Pelasts under attack as the Celts close-in

This forced Pyrrhus to begin redeploying his elephants to meet the flank attack. At 9" move they are surprisingly fast across the ground.

The main line of pikes 

Nelly the elephant....and friend

The successors were also planning a cavalry flanking manoeuvre of their own. However found themselves harassed, then engaged by a unit of Numidian's that cost them several vital moves as they charged them in the rear.  

Pesky LC!

The LC delay the companions 
At this point the Carthaginians were pretty well set - they had been able to delay the Successors flank attack whilst developing their own reasonably well. As a bonus the Celts had performed well and damaged a few of the pike units with their impetuous charges. The fly-in-the-ointment was that the overloaded flank was becoming congested and so they could not bring their full force into action.  

Celts get stuck in while the Spanish turn the flank

Main lines closing in

As the pikes finally came to grips with the Punic infantry they were hit in the side by the Spanish LHI. Regrettably the congestion meant it was not a deadly flank attack though.

Spanish attack 

Celts join in

On the Punic right the Successor's elephants gobbled-up some cavalry but were themselves dispatched by skirmishers. At this point losses were pretty even and the successor horse had yet to make their presence felt.

Elephants meet their maker

With neither side's flank attack really making headway it became a slog in the centre, which eventually favoured the superior Successor troops. So a win by 2 kills to Pyrrhus, making it 2-1 to him on battles won.

The pikes dish-out some pain

On reflection it was a battle that Carthage could have won if the Spanish infantry's attack been slightly better timed for maximum impact.    

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