Tally Ho!

Sunday 4 February 2018

28mm first crusade - the first batch

Over Christmas I was busy painting ECW figures for the 1650 Scottish campaign, but I've now returned to my current long-term project - the first crusades. The Muslim force were completed months ago and have been doing duty as fantasy Arabians for Kings of War.

The crusaders are mostly Norman figures from Conquest Miniatures and the first two units are now completed - one infantry and one knights. Assembly and painting were pretty simple but the shield transfers proved a little tricky. They are of the type that must have a thin plastic sheet peeled-off and then stuck down. The sheet is more or less impossible to get off an individual shield so I ended-up doing larger sheets then cutting-out the stick shields - fiddly but it worked.

All are based for Aramti / DBx.

Crusader Infantry

Crusader Knights

Knights close up

Infantry close up


  1. I presume those are Little Big Men transfers, I found that on some batches the clear bit would not peel off whilst on others it was much easier.
    I hope you have left yourself a few spare single chaps so you can sort out a SAGA army.

  2. It will need to be multi-base I'm afraid, a little awkward but doable I hope

    1. That's fine, we can just snap the casualties off the bases as they occur !

  3. I can likely do some spares which I can use as "change" to take off multi-bases