Tally Ho!

Friday 18 August 2017

28mm Arabs / Persians

With the longer summer nights my latest painting project has been progressing well. I'm working on an army that can pull a double duty - both as opponents for Early Crusaders in an upcoming Armati campaign and as fantasy Persians in Kings of War. Now the core units are complete I can progress the more fantastical elements such as flying carpets.

The historical infantry

Black Guards (FT / spears and LI / bow in Armati)

Skirmishers (SI / bow in Armati)

Arab foot (more FT / spears and LI / bows) 

Some swordsmen - these are destine to be assassins for KOW

The historical cavalry

Mix light cavalry (LC / bow or spear)

Persian heavy cavalry, destined to be Ghulams
The Kings of War elements - at this stage just some sabot bases so that the units based for Armati are usable.
Horde, Regiment and Troop sabot bases

Kings guard regiment

Arquebusier regiment

Berserker troop



  1. These are looking good Stu, the bases in particular. Not sure how the Crusaders will feel facing Arquebuses though, you doing later Crusades ?

  2. The musketeers are more for KOW and renaissance. I have the germ of an ottoman army. Just need more Janissaries and then some Polish / Imperialists