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Saturday 1 October 2016

Chain of Command - Finnish Troops

As we have nt quite completed our weekly game I thought it might be nice to feature one of the armies in use. So below are some photos of Mike's Finns. As with all CoC armies it is based around an infantry platoon with various support options available.

They use an interesting mix of German and Russian equipment, although perhaps lacking the heavy support options of the major powers.

The Finnish platoon

The core forces  

An infantry section

HQ and Panzerfaust

 Support Options

The BT-42 is one of the unique vehicles for the Finns, basically a Russian BT-7 light tank with a 4.5 inch howitzer mounted on the top. Useful against enemy infantry but very exposed against tanks or AT weapons.
BT-42 assault gun

Russian BA-10 armoured car

Sniper Team

75mm IG-18 infantry gun

 Bringing it all together

The whole force

Finns lurking in the woods

Molotov cocktail

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