Tally Ho!

Saturday 10 September 2016

Chain of Command - Stalingrad-ish

In preparation for our upcoming Chain of Command eastern front game, this week we tried out the rules for FIBUA using my Stalingrad terrain. We opted for 2 * 4" tables and made the forces about two-thirds the usual size.

One area  was industrial with some shell-cratered open areas. The other was more residential with narrow streets and rubble. Table 1 pitted Soviets against Finns and Table 2 Soviets against German Fallschirmj√§ger.

We ruled that you could not see over a single wall, so only troops against a wall were visible to fire, We also treated building interiors as hard cover due to the rubble etc. As we're still learning the rules we timed-out on both games with the Soviets slightly ahead on one and the Finns on the other.

The Residential zone

On this table the Patrol Phase proved pretty even, with both sides deploying in decent cover. The Soviets did most of the manoeuvring but the flank attack by an SMG squad proved a disappointment as they became pinned by the German LMG fire. Heroes of the people this week go to the chaps who hauled a maxim into and upstairs window to rain fire on the Germans.

The Soviet deployment with Germans just visible at the top

The second Soviet squad digs in

The German seize a building - this will be their home for the rest of the game

The German sniper takes up a good position

Soviet SMG squad sneaking-up on the Germans

The Soviets launch an assault

Heroes of the revolution

The Industrial zone

Here the Patrol Phase heavily favoured the Finns, with the Soviets pinned-back onto the table edge and one corner. Again the Soviets made the running advancing boldly and managing to neutralise a Finnish jump-off point in the edge of the factory. They attacked valiantly but lost a squad to focused fire from the Finns (not easy to say!)

Soviets capture the water works - I think that's worth £200

Inside the large factory

Ruined factory with the waterworks behind

Soviet snipers find a hide

Soviets and Finns square-off 

View down the road - not much cover their gov


  1. Nice buildings Stuart where did you get them?

  2. Its all home-made. I used black foam-core then dry brushed it with a couple of greys. I think the whole lot cost me about £40 in materials and most of my Christmas holidays.